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Bridge for beginners

Here are some links to web sites that will help you understand the game of bridge. You can Google plenty of others and pick one that suits you best.
You may find it easier to read these on your PC rather than your mobile phone.

Please be aware that there are many different bidding systems and some of what you read won't exactly match the systems BriJ uses. For later reference, BriJ currently offers various forms of Acol, including Benji additions as well as the Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC) system. Just look on the guides as an overview if they don't exactly match what you are learning.

Ultimately, face-to-face teaching is hard to beat and you may wish to book a few lessons to get you started!

Absolute beginners

Dan Berkley's Beginner's Guide. A brief introduction to bridge with a sample lesson from his guide which is considered by some reviewers as the best bridge learning eBook.

Richard Pavlicek lessons. A 1-page introduction with links to more detail. Some of the detail may be a bit more than you need at this stage!

Jack Stocken’s online beginner classes
Every October Jack starts a live, interactive online course for complete beginners. First two lessons free. Can’t wait till October? Start anytime with the online replay library.

Karen's Bridge Library. Divided into short topics: A very useful introduction and glossary plus explanations of some standard bids

If you know about bridge but want to learn more

For those already familiar with the ideas of Bridge bidding and playing, the following freely available web pages may be useful.

Richard Pavlicek lessons. A 1-page introduction with links to more detail. Some of the detail may be useful as a reminder

Acol background and reference. Some historical background and reference material for standard systems based on Acol

Jack Stocken’s online classes for improvers and intermediates
Each week Jack teaches three live, online interactive bridge classes. Register for free and receive a free lesson on Forcing or Non-Forcing bids.

Acol definition on Wikipedia. Typical Wikipedia entry with plenty of background

There are of course many good books to help you once you’re hooked!

Some more links to downloadable documents: