BJ Bridge for Android

Frequently asked questions

Is there an iPhone or iPad version of BriJ?

BriJ does not have an iPhone or iPad version yet and it's likely to be some time away. Do register an interest, though if you have seen the Android version

Is there a PC version of BriJ?

Not yet, but there are Android emulators that run on Windows 7 and above. You can download and run BriJ using one of these (e.g. BlueStacks and Andy at the time of writing)

Can I turn on or off BriJ predictions of contracts?

The factory setting for BriJ predictions of contracts is off. You can change the settings for either (a) the contract that BriJ thinks the auction may end up at, or (b) the number of tricks BriJ thinks might be made in your chosen contract. Go to Settings>Hint options

Can I deal a specific set of hands from my bridge magazine?

You can enter a deal manually or amend an existing BriJ deal. Go to Deal menu Manual deal or Amend deal. See here for details

How can I see pairs results from a game at my BridgeWebs club?
             Downloading bridge games from your club and Seeing results previously downloaded

Find the menu entry "Run game by Website download". A quick way is to long-press the table. Follow the instructions to set your bridge clubs up as favourites and download sessions, complete with pairs results. There is an option to save hands for bidding/playing later, without an Internet connection

Can I make it easier to touch the card I want to play on a small mobile?

BriJ has an optional setting for card size. Options>settings>screen layout options. Choose from "small", medium", "large", "larger".
Also, on a small mobile phone, it may sometimes be best to turn the phone to a landscape position. When installed, BriJ automatically sets "mobile mode" which uses the whole of the South side of the screen to show playing cards during the play phase. You can optionally set "mobile mode" on a tablet if you find it easier

Can BriJ adapt to conventions other than Acol and Benji?
             setting your bridge conventions

Yes, the PRO version of BriJ offers several convention choices: Options for Acol (including EBU Standard Enclish Foundation and Level 2 versions) or beginner to advanced levels of SAYC (Standard American Yellow Card system), plus 2 versions of Benji Acol. Whatever option you choose, you can also specifiy which additional conventions you play and  specify high card point ranges where they differ from the standard.
Beginners and improvers: you may find it useful to turn off many of the conventions at first, once you've chosen Acol or SAYC as the base system

My cards are all shown face up. Help!
              Bidding all the hands

You can show all cards by touching the Menu>"show all" button. Touching again hides the cards.
Cards will also appear if you have selected the "Bid all the hands" or "Play all the hands" options. Long-touch the playing table to get quick access to these options and make sure they are not selected. They can also be selected through menu>options>settings>bidding and playing options. Change "Bid automation" or "Play automation" to "Play against robot" 

I can't seem to get BriJ settings back to the way it was after installation. Help!
            When all else fails

Try restarting your android device or try a BriJ "factory reset" if other Getting Started help from these pages doesn't solve your problem

I would like to reinstall BriJ Pro or install BriJ Pro on another tablet. Do I have to pay again?

No, as long as you have set up the device with your original gmail account, your original payment covers all upgrades and reinstalls

How do I open the bidding at the 6 level?

Just press the STOP card more than once

How can I tell which side is vulnerable?

The vulnerable side shows directions (North, South, East, West) in dark red; non-vulnerable in light green